AAMA Pre Symposium Workshop

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AAMA Pre Symposium Workshop Thursday, April 13, 2023 Dallas, Texas (8:00 AM - 5:00PM)

"MU-SHU-PULSE & Other Special Points: New Concepts and Constructs for Treating Meridian and Channel Disturbances"

Using a "hands on" approach, Dr. Sandweiss will lecture, demonstrate, and have class attendees practice all techniques with partners. He will present a unique approach to diagnosing and treating imbalances within the acupuncture meridian system. This includes a review of the well-known MU-SHU points, and traditional radial artery pulse points with an algorithm that allows the practitioner to quickly find the particular acupuncture points that will treat these imbalances. Attendees will appreciate the relationship between specific acupuncture meridians and associated major muscles in the body. Fourteen manual muscle tests will be presented that each represent one of the twelve distinct meridian channels and additionally the governing and conception vessels. These muscle tests are organized in a sequence that represents the 24-hour energy cycle of Qi. Finally, Dr. Sandweiss will demonstrate specific osteopathic manipulation techniques that release restrictions at major acupuncture points.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify meridian imbalances using MU points combined with manual muscle testing.
  • Identify meridian imbalances using radial artery pulse points with manual muscle testing.
  • Evaluate for the presence of segmental level somatic dysfunctions that are present at the precise location of back SHU points and learn fast effective treatments for resolving those dysfunctions.
  • Distinguish specific major muscle groups that are correlated with specific acupuncture meridians (e.g. PSOAS muscle relationship to the kidney meridian)
  • Apply a muscle dance sequence that follows the 24-hour clock RONG cycle demonstrating the kinesiology movements of each of those muscles and the corresponding manual muscle test for that muscle group.
  • Apply several osteopathic manipulation techniques for releasing specific acupuncture points and their associated channels.


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